Reverie // 空想

A light-weight GTA V Online mod menu.




Reverie has over 20 options which you can use on yourself.


Reverie has over 15 options to protect you from other modders and allow you to abuse other players.

So much more

Reverie is a mod menu that is constantly under development and being updated to have the greatest updates possible.

Often Asked Questions

Is The Menu Safe?

Yes! If the menu ever becomes unsafe at any point I (Kanji) will ping in the Discord and the menu will be taken offline temporarily and the unsafe feature will be removed.

Do You Support Translations

As of right now Reverie does not support translations. I do not plan to add this option due to inaccurate translations and other problems I may run into as I prefer quality to quantity.

The Menu Flagged As A Virus Is It A Virus

Before you blow up the Discord saying Reverie is a virus, please read the following, every game hack excluding a few popular ones will flag as trojans this often happens because of code obsfucation or simply just how the menu injects to the game. It is not a virus.