Kanji // 漢字

It's only a dream.



A Snapchat tweak that allows the user to save media, upload media, spoof location and so much more!


A Pikachu reload animation theme for relicloader.


An adult application.. because why not.

Often Asked Questions

Is relicloader safe?

Yes! Relicloader has a built-in bypass that is aimed to keep the tweak undetected.

What Snapchat version should I use with Relicloader?

Relicloader was built for 11.80, but if you update past it (as on 5/11/22) Relicloader may experience some issues.

I have installed Relicloader, but I do not see it within Snapchat. What's wrong?

After installing Relicloader, and you look in Snapchat and you don't see "Shadow X" at the top of your chats/stories view, install Choicy and *only* enable the "relicloader" bundle and try again.

Where is Kanji nowadays? What is he doing?

I am just working on other projects. I don't care to develop Snapchat tweaks anymore. With people who want to leak and crack the tweak, it is just a motivation killer. I will only be making my GTA V Mod Menu in my Discord Server. I will still leave my repo up and you guys can still install all the tweaks that are available there.